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Social Media Re-imagined.

Expertly designed to be healthier.


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Learn About the Advantages Ruva Has to Offer

Re-designing social media with humane tech values.


Get updates from friends faster with less screen time.

A non-addictive design means no infinite scrolling, less distractions, to get you on with your day.


Never get a friend request from a stranger, bot, or scammer again with Ruva.

Our industry-leading friend request system means safety when you are online.


With no algorithms,

we re-imagined what your homescreen could be.

Our values are to put you in control of your social life.

What People are Saying

"This is super."


- Rob C.

“Ruva is trying to bring social media back in a healthy way.”


- Paul S.

"A hyper personal social media app."


- Mike K.


Feel in control.

At Ruva we've set out to create a healthy social media app. 


Our values-driven design guides what we do.

Design Principles:

- Less time online

- Non-addicting

- Safer

- More control

- Less distractions

- Focus on friends

- No suggestions

- No ads